You're worth it

BATH KISS™ was born in Los Angeles.  It offers simple, elegant, refreshing bath time for a young woman, girls, who can run the world-  All you need is #LOVE.

Just add water

All you need is LOVE (and the lovely extras in this box). Did you know our Bombs are 6 oz? It’s three times bigger than other bath bombs! Add water!~ and  Pamper your self! #Bathkiss

Born in Los Angeles

A process that sets us apart from our competitors and ensures a delicate finish.  Supporting local jobs, and our local economy and hand-crafting.  #local jobs, and our #local economy.

Looking for a bath time treats?

Our All-natural Giant Bath bombs will make more baths fun!

Or a gift for a favorite someone?

It even softens your skin!

For the delicate skin of your body. Bath Kiss Bath Bombs.

Rise and shine with a rejuvenating morning dip or settle in with a relaxing evening bath – Bath Kiss™ bombs are carefully fragranced for a refreshing lift that stays.

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Pom Pom Pomegranate
Bath Bomb
team image
Keep Calm Coconut
Bath Bomb
team image
I Dream of Strawberry
Bath Bomb
team image
Early Morning Citrus
Bath Bomb
team image
Oh My Aloe
Bath Bomb
team image
Hope Floats Green Tea
Bath Bomb
Reclaiming Bath

In love creating captivating products and making them available and enjoyable by people I love.  Making delicious scent that is affordable and valuable. I want to share them with you.  Go ahead; you deserve it!

A Different approach
From our home to your home.

Everything should start with a handcrafted scent.  Local jobs, local economy and hand-crafting top-notch products for you

Special offers program
Limited edition signed thank you cards, stickers, bundles.

most desirable fragrances now in the process~ It will transform your home into a sanctuary retreat with these scented products today!

More products I want you to have.
Future shop

Candles, Beads, Body Scrubs, Soaps, Wax Tarts and a unique Bath Bombs, Everything that can lead to kisses

Creating a brand Journey and my vision.

It’s so grateful for the opportunity share BATH KISS™ with you.  I hope that BATH KISS™ highlights your good days. Appreciate you for being part of our journey.

Tell me What you think!
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I love using a recommendation from my friends and collaborators when crafting new scents.  What fragrance next?

Bath Kiss™ Bath Bombs

Dive into a spa-worthy soak with our gorgeously scented bath bombs. Three times bigger than our competitors.

It's great to be you, Buy now.